Mirah’s Reflections: The Death Knell of American Democracy

Mirah Riben, author and activist
2 min readMay 27, 2022

Without being overly dramatic, we are witnessing the downfall of American Democracy in our lifetime. It may get revived. But it is dying before our eyes.

When our elected officials ignore the will of 97% of voters — that is a death knell for democracy being killed by greed so evil it has total disregard for human life. That greed that rules us is capitalism out of control to the point that it is choking the life out of democracy and has turned it into a corpocracy — a nation ruled by lobbyists and the lawmakers they have BOUGHT and paid for.

When the lives of cells that could POTENTIALLY, POSSIBLY become unwanted human beings, are considered more important than the living host carrying the parasite . . . When women are treated as vessels to carry their “man’s” child but their lives don’t matter and they have no right to their reproductive freedom . . . that is a theocracy, not democracy. When women can be charged with murder for terminating an unwanted pregnancy (despite the fact every month healthy women flush the uterine lining that supports potential embryos and men evacuate and “waste” the seeds of life daily or more) but the men who get them pregnant — even via rape, incest, pedophilia, or manipulation of power — and the men who in many cases pay for abortions of wives, girlfriends, mistresses, or “hook-ups” — go scot free . . . this is a patriarchy, not a democracy of gender equality.

And when the alleged “right” to carry a gun — in an organized militia (not!) — is more important than the lives of 8–10-year-olds . . .that is the death of sanity, common sense and democracy and dare I say — humanity — rolled into one.

Stop the insanity! We are saving clumps of unwanted embryonic tissue while allowing our children to be slaughtered by 18-year-olds legally allowed to purchase assault weapons that have no place in society, other than a police SWAT team or the military. And we have legislators defending this insanity and making the most ridiculous suggestions to curb it, such as locking doors as if that will keep out a maniac with an assault weapon who is shooting through walls and windows! And how are we to lock every door or every grocery store in the US and at every house of worship and every sports event and concert?

Wake up America! Democracy and decency are dying.