Adoption BE-AWARENESS and Remembrance

  1. Nov. 5, 2020: Michael Anthony Gray Sr., 63; his wife, Shirley Gray, 60; and their son, Michael Anthony Gray Jr., 40, were charged with starving and abusing several adopted children until two of them died. The body of couple’s adopted son, Johnathan Gray, no more than eight, was found buried in the backyard of their home in East Tennessee. The Grays each face two counts of felony murder, one count of abuse of a corpse, seven counts of aggravated child abuse and seven counts of aggravated child neglect. The trio allegedly abused four young children, including by feeding them a starvation diet and keeping them in cages. The couple is also is charged with keeping the children’s deaths secret, and continued to collect between $15,000 and $61,000 in benefits from the state, according to court records.
  2. Jan. 27, 2021: Deidre Matthews, 50, and her husband, who received the 2006 DHS Adoptive Parent of the Year award pleaded no contest in Delaware County District Court to 12 counts of child abuse, child neglect and child endangerment. The couple reportedly lived with nine children, ages 4 through 17, in an animal feces-infested mobile home in Jay, Oklahoma. The oldest teen was forced to kill her pet kitten by bashing its head into a tree; another child was handcuffed and placed in a dog cage; children were made to stand outside or walk around the house naked; and children were kept home from school to avoid detection of bruises, welts and wounds. Matthews was also accused of beating the children, allowing pet monkeys to bite the two teen daughters, and withholding food and water as punishment.

Expectant Mothers Need to be Aware

Sadness and Remembrance



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