In the opening minutes of the 2012 HBO series “The Newsroom,” Jeff Daniels plays a moderate republican who is anchor and managing editor of “News Night.” On a panel, he is asked “What makes America the Greatest Country in the World.” He starts with a politically correct response about freedom, and then, to th e shock of the audience, he says: “It’s not.” It is not, he says, the greatest country in the world and he gives some reasons.

Was this fictional news anchor correct? Are his claims and statistics still true today? How does the US compare? The United…

Were you the girl who snickered at classmates who didn’t have the “right” hairdo, clothes or shoes? Did you whisper about girls who were “teacher’s pet” or nerdy? Did you participate in fat shaming; ostracize those you saw as unworthy of being in the “in”?

Were you the schoolyard boy who thought it funny to tease and torment those with less physical prowess to fight back? Did you mock those with less athletic agility and ability? Did you laugh and point fingers at those who were awkward or slow? Did you gay-bash?

Did you laugh at these “shenanigans”? …

It began in 2018. While on vacation thousands of miles from home in New Zealand, I tripped on a hiking trail and fractured my tibia and fibula requiring surgery requiring plates and rods etc. put in place like scaffolding holding up a building under construction. The cast required six weeks non-weigh bearing.

After a month of New Zealand’s’ very generous hospital care — free of charge! — I needed more time before I could manage flying home, alone. …

Book review by Mirah Riben

Extraordinary Journey: The Lifelong Path of the Transracial Adoptee is an illuminating and expanding addition to the memoirs, anthologies, countless articles, blogs, documentaries, videos, etc. by adult adoptees transplanted to foreign shores — mostly Eastern — into Western homes almost always of races other than theirs.

Hagland gives voice to the true experts of the live transnational and transracial adoption experience, not one described by those who adopt transnationally and/or transracially, nor from the “professionals” in the field. …

“Adoption loss is the only trauma in the world where the victims are expected by the whole of society to be grateful”The Reverend Keith C. Griffith, MBE

NOTE: The following observations are based on four decades of conversations with adoptees, attending conferences, panel discussions, reading adoptee memoirs, blogs as well as posts and comments on social media. Their brave voices deserved to be echoed until heard,

I was introduced to the concept of gratitude by Buddhist authors such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron, Roger Kamenetz, and Tara Brach and attending workshops and retreats in the presence of…

This is the story of a 16-year-old boy who we will identify with the pseudonym, “Joey,” not his real name, to protect his identity at the request of his mother.

“Joey” at seven. Photo courtesy of his mother, Shelly Gree

You may have read about the horrors inflicted upon this child by his adopters here or here. Joey, labelled “special needs” was severely abused by his adoptive parents, Jennifer and Richard Ryan who are now in police custody in Iowa for starving him down to 78 pounds and zip-tying him to a four-poster bed, denying him use of a toilet and removing his bed if he wet it.

While the…

Adoption activists are dedicated to ending predatory practices, commodification and exploitation inherent in adoption

Samantha M. Shapiro has an impressive resume as a writer and journalist, with publications appearing in The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, ESPN, Foreign Policy Magazine, Crain’s New York, The Daily Princetonian.

The first rule of writing I learned early in my career is to write what you know. I cannot help wondering if and what personal connection Ms. …

His show is all about selling his son's "Dr on Demand" app; his wife's cosmetics and podcast; his podcast...It's one big infomercial. And oh, yes...the private rehabs he recommends.

Ther's a good reason he has never had show of success storis of people he has helped turned their lives around.

American Baby: A Mother, a Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption by Gabrielle Glaser (2021) is a very well-written addition to adoption literature. It is also the third book about American domestic adoption of white babies in the period after WWII and before Roe v Wade known as the “Baby Scoop Era” (aka BSE), a time of increased extra-marital pregnancies leading to a high rate of newborn adoption placements. It is estimated that up to 4 million children were placed for adoption in the period between 1945 to 1973, with 2 million during the 1960s alone. …

Can the Right and Left Begin to Bridge the Gap and Unite?

Let’s start with perhaps the most passionate and most divisive issue in America: Abortion — a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

In 1989, Laura Chasin, a family therapist in Cambridge, created The Public Conversation Project, which has since become Essential Partners. Women on both sides of the abortion debate met with a goal of changing the way they communicate by getting to know one another over buffet dinners before identifying which side of the debate they were on. Chasin hosted eighteen sessions with more than one-hundred different women.

Then, on December 30, 1994, pro-life advocate John C. Salvi III

Mirah Riben

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